José Manuel Paquete de Oliveira

José Manuel Paquete de Oliveira is graduated in Social Sciences. He has a PhD in Sociology of Communication and Culture, in the ISCTE, throught the UTL (Technical University of Lisbon), 1989. Formerly a journalist, editor and director of newspapers and radio stations, he embraced the academic career, having also being played important roles in bodies related to the regulation of media performance (member of Advisory Council of ICAP – Civilian Institute of Advertising Self-Discipline; Chairman of the Board of SOPCOM – Portuguese Association of Communication Science; Chairman of the Board of LUSOCOM – Federation of Communication Science Associations at the Lusophone Space; Ombudsman for RTP, the public servisse broadcaster). José Manuel Paquete de Oliveira has been cordinator and director of a range of research projects in this area at a national and international sphere.

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