Digital Communication Policies in the Information Society Promotion Stage

Available for download here

Edition by Sérgio Denicoli & Helena Sousa



A comprehensive digital communication – Sérgio Denicoli, Helena Sousa



An overview of digital television in Poland – Adam Kupiec

 Digital television policies in Greece – Stylianos Papathanassopoulos, Konstantinos Papavasilopoulos

 Digital terrestrial TV switchover process in Portugal: viewers between a rock and a hard place – Célia Quico, Manuel José Damásio, Iolanda Veríssimo, Sara Henriques

 The Development of Digital Television in Ireland: the tension between distribution and content policy goals – Kenneth Murphy

Anatomy of the Italian Web TV ecosystem. Current issues and future challenges – Emiliano Treré, Valentina Bazzarin

The becoming of media: technical progress and the constitution of cinema’s ontology – Gabriel Menotti

Tuning with listeners: portrait of citizens’ participation in the public opinion programmes Antena Aberta and Fórum TSF – Fábio Ribeiro

The Interactive Digital TV based on Distance Education: Integrated Collaboration Environments – Ivaldir Júnior, Marcelo Teixeira, Bento Silva, Cleyton Rodrigues, Flávio Ricardo Dias, Ryan Azevedo

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