Elsa Costa e Silva

Communication and Society Research Centre

e-mail: elsa.silva@ics.uminho.pt


Elsa Costa e Silva is an Assistant Professor at the Communication Sciences Department of the University of Minho and researcher at the Communication and Society Research Centre (CSRC), a Research Unit belonging to the same institution.

She studied Social Communication at the University of Minho, where she also developed her Master in Social and Economic Studies with a thesis on media concentration and ownership in Portugal.

Elsa Costa e Silva was a journalist at the daily newspaper “Diário de Notícias” between 1998 and 2008, having also been deputy-editor of its northern newsroom (July 2006-May 2007).

Having several publications in this area, she has also been working on matters related to diversity, pluralism and minorities represented in and through the media. She currently researches in the area of Political Economy and is preparing a doctoral thesis on pluralism and diversity.

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