Mariana Lameiras

Research Fellow

Communication and Society Research Centre



Mariana Lameiras collaborated as a Research Assistant in the project “Media Regulation in Portugal: The ERC’s Case” since the beginning if its activity in June 2010, until December 2011. She has been collaborating with the Communication and Society Research Centre (CSRC) for some years in several projects, namely “50 Years of the News Bulletin called Telejornal” and “Representations of Childhood – media discourses on children at risk”.

She is graduated in Communication Sciences (area of specialization of Jornalism) by the University of Minho, where she also concluded her Master with a thesis on “Understanding the Portuguese state media regulatory entity in three dimensions: historical, conceptual and performative”. Her particular interest in the area of communication policy, journalism and journalists and media regulation has led to the preparation of a PhD project under the theme “Media regulation in democratic systems: experiences and models for Portugal”, beginning in September 2011.

She is a national correspondent and collaborates on a regular basis with the European Audiovisual Observatory (EOA) and the Institute for Information Law (University of Amsterdam), a partner organization of the European Audiovisual Observatory (EAO), a satellite body of the Council of Europe, integrating in-depth studies and writing for IRIS – Legal Observations of the European Audiovisual Observatory and for the Merlin database.

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