Seminar “Media Regulation: National and International Debates”

In the 24th and 25th February, the Research Project “Media Regulation in Portugal: the ERC’s Case” organize a seminar entitled “Media Regulation: National and International Debates”. The Seminar will take place at the Museu Nogueira da Silva and, with the meeting between researchers and consultants, it intends to reflect on the work already done and cal for discussion a model for a cross-country comparative analysis of media regulation in Europe. This model is a work that the Reasearch Team have being developed in collaboration with the EuroMedia Research Group.

Research Team

Helena Sousa (principal investigator), Manuel Pinto, Joaquim Fidalgo, Stanislaw Jedrzejewski, Ana Melo, Elsa Costa e Silva, Luís Santos, Sérgio Denicoli, Mariana Lameiras de Sousa and Marta Eusébio Barbosa

Consultants present in theSeminar

Divina Frau-Meigs, Hannu Nieminen, José Manuel Paquete de Oliveira, Josef Trappel, José Rebelo, Leen d’Haenens and Tarlach McGonagle


Alessandro D’Arma, Manuela Grünangerl, Laura Bergés and Núria Reguero

Friday, 24 | 14.30 – 18.00

Roundtable 1. Media Regulation in Portugal

14.30   Opening Address

Project’s Presentation

Debate on key questions and hypotheses

16.00 Coffee break

16.30   Concepts: Theoretical problems and working definitions

Assessment of preliminary options

Discussion on the Project’s future directions



Saturday, 25 | 09.30 – 12.30

Roundtable 2. International Perspectives on Media Regulation

09.30   Presentation of the cross-country comparative model

Contributors for forthcoming national reports

Presentation and debate on provisional countries’ data

11.00 Coffee break

11.30   Debate on national media regulatory entities & transnational links and networks

Moving forward: From data gathering to in-depth analysis

Concluding remarks

Welcome to the Research Project “Media Regulation in Portugal: The ERC’s Case”

Ref.: PTDC/CCI-COM/104634/2008

The research project “Media Regulation in Portugal: The ERC’s Case” is being developed in the Communication and Society Research Center (CSRC) of University of Minho since June 2010 by a set of senior researchers whose interests range from Communication Policies and Journalism to Media Literacy.

The project intends to give a significant contribution to the study of media regulation in Portugal as well as its understanding in the international context. In this sense, we have a straight collaboration with the EuroMedia Research Group through the representation of the Principal Investigator, Helena Sousa. This line of research is being undertaken on a twofold basis: the comparative unit trough the analysis of regulatory bodies from other countries and the role of some of the main policy actors such as UNESCO or ITU.

Our main focus of analysis is the performance of the Portuguese state media regulatory entity (Entidade Reguladora para a Comunicação Social – ERC), the organism responsible for regulating the media since 2005. An historical approach is also taken into account, considering the role of the former regulatory bodies of the media.
Our final purpose is to build a solid knowledge of media regulation in Portugal and to present the results of a critical analysis of ERC’s daily performance until the present.

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