Study finds Magalhães is little used in schools

Plataforma Barómetro Social, 5 Dezembro 2011

According to a study by the University of the Azores, there is a “reduced adherence to the use of [Magalhães] laptops by schools”, says an article published in Plataforma Barómetro Social. The results show that the Magalhães computer is used more at home than at school and that the “everyday use in the classroom seems to have suffered no significant impact on the distribution of laptops to students,” except in special cases. The article, written by Ana Diogo (University of the Azores), is entitled “The Magalhães computer in education: an educational resource delayed or a missed opportunity for the schools?“ and results of a broader investigation  based on two case studies conducted in the central region of Portugal and the Azores.

Source: Plataforma Barómetro Social

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