Navigating with Magalhães: What impact?

The presentation of the study on the impact of Magalhães computer took place at the 2nd Congress of LMC. Photo: Ana Melro

It was now presented the results of the Research Project “Navigating with Magalhães: Study on the impact of digital media on children” under the 2nd Congress on Literacy, Media and Citizenship (LMC 2013), co-organized with the Project, which took place between 10th and 11th of May 2013, at the Pavillion of Knowledge in Lisbon.

The principal investigator, Sara Pereira, presenting the results of the study. Photo: Amália Carvalho

According to the Project Coordinator, Sara Pereira, during the presentation of the plenary session “Navigating with Magalhães. What impact?”, there is a need to meet the “other crucial aspects of this educational policy which should also be communicative”, avoiding “reductionism to technology”, in the case of the programme ‘e.escolinha’.

In the session there were the project’s consultants Manuel Pinto, Evelyne Bevort and Pérez Tornero. Photo: Amália Carvalho

The reported results came from the analysis of the news and official documents, interviews to policy makers and the questionnaires aplied to students, teachers and parents from schools of the 1st cycle of basic education in the municipality of Braga.

During the session, the audience was able to attend the intervention of the consultants of the project, namely, Evelyne Bevort, the CLEMI, José Manuel Pérez Tornero, the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and Manuel Pinto of the University of Minho.

Photo: Amália Carvalho

In one of the comments based on the results of the questionnaires given to children, Pérez Tornero stressed the importance of having a change of a technocentrist approach to a cultural and humanistic prospective, in particular on the curriculum that he considers it should be more flexible and have greater scope for creativity.

On the paralel sessions two communications were also presented: one by the team member, Luis Pereira, on the uses of children with the Magalhães computer as a learning tool or platform to play, and the Investigative Project Sara Pereira, together with the Research Fellow, Ana Melro, about the uses of Magalhães in the family context and perspective from parents on the computer and the programme.

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