Sócrates comments Portas praise to Magalhães laptop

The former Prime Minister José Sócrates, responsible for the implementation of the ‘e.escolinha’ programme, on basic education, criticizes the attitude of the current Foreign Minister, Paulo Portas, about the praise he has made to ​​the computer Magalhães during a visit to Mexico.

Asked by a spectator in the TV weekly show “The Opinion of José Sócrates” (RTP),  broadcasted on Sunday, the former Prime Minister recalled that during the implementation of the measure, the political opposition discredited the programme by “pure partisan tactic”, referring to be a contradiction only now that they are in the government they recognize the “success” of the project.

“They always knew the Magalhães was a good deal,” said the former prime minister in the show, highlighting the presence of more than 3 million laptops distributed in 70 countries around the world.

Watch the episode “The Opinion of José Sócrates,” RTP, June 30, 2013.

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