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A Study of the Foreign Influence on the Development of Journalism in Modern China

Tao Yang

Last modified: 2010-07-05


This paper explores the foreign influence (US and Japan, in particular) on the development of journalism in modern China. Though there are several previous studies in this area, they do not give us particular discussion of its related topics. Here, by using the newspaper and magazine articles of those days, I would like to consider specifically some of these topics, at the same time trying to construct the proper context of the China's emerging modern journalism.
From 1910s, the Chinese mass media reported the exchange of people and thoughts which was conducted in the journalism field between China and other countries. For instance, several special columns introducing the contemporary condition of foreign journalism appeared in Chinese mass media. This article deals with the two following examples. One is the series report columns seen on the two Chinese periodical publications, namely, ShenBao and DongFangZaZhi (the Orient Magazine). Another is the reports about Walter Williams, the dean of the School of Journalism in the University of Missouri, and his visit to China in winter, 1921. In order to have the overall picture of the journalism in modern China, I would also like to make the following three questions: what kind of reference books on journalism theories were translated into Chinese; how many Chinese people studied journalism in America and Japan, and in which institutions they studied it; how the University of Missouri helped Chinese universities, especially Saint John’s University in Shanghai and Peking University in Beijing, to start their journalism education.
By using the primary source, I would like to more substantiate the history of the development of journalism in modern China which was closely related with foreign countries like US and Japan.

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