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Communications for revolution:Iranian constitutional revolution

mohsen selseleh, hosseinali afkhami, ali mohhamadi

Last modified: 2010-07-05


Prof.hosseinali afkhami(head of communication studies,allameh tabatabaee,Tehran)

Prof.ali mohammadi

Mohsen selseleh(phd candidate at allameh tabatabaee university,Tehran)


Communications are one of principle fundaments every political revolution in the world.

Iranian constitutional revolution had fruited with issuance command constitutional by mozafareddin shah(king of Persia) ghajar at 1906.this event had happened before Russian revolution(1917) was unique event at asia.

Backgrounds of this event had provided much times ago specially period monarchy naseraldin shah(father's mozafareddin shah).mental backgrounds Iranian constitutional revolution are:1-emergence new thoughts about government 2-publishing critical subjects about conditions iran. 3-effects of world events on Iranian'thought.

Role of communications in emergence this backgrounds is not deniable.mirza saleh shirazi who was a student had sent to England(he was in among first Iranian students that had sent to abroad) by abbas mirza(crown prince of fathalishah) and his  chancellor ghaem magham farahani at 19 century after iran had been defeated  by Russia.mirza saleh had made first printing house  in iran at 1819 and first newspaper at 1836 in iran.he had published his memories from live in England,his log contans some material about government of England and its libraries and administration of justice.Some other examples are:1-book"travel account(siahat nameh) of ebrahim baig" by haji zain aldin maragheei that was a critical book had important role at awakening Iranian.2-book"one word(yek kallameh)" by yousef khan mostashar aldoleh that was commentary from first basic rule of france.

Reformist iranain had printed newspapers inside and outside iran that 19 century.

Some of exiled newspapers are:akhtar(printed in istanbul),ghanon(London),hablol matin(India),….

Some  hidden newspapes(shabnameh)had printed in iran that had important role in thoughts of Iranian.Traditional communication(hidden associations,bazaar and mosques)had important role in iranaian revolution at 19 century.

On the other had with erected lines of telegraph in iran at second half 19 century by India-europe company,telgraph had great role at increase information iranains about other parts of iran and the constitutional revolution,revolutionist had used from telegraph for sent their shouts to worlds and in their efforts for equality ,justice and freedom.

In this article we survey role of communication(modern and traditional)in

Iranian constitutional revolution at 19 century in iran by historical method.

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