Guidelines for Presentations

Guidelines for Pitch & Poster Presentations

A Pitch & Poster Session is organised in two consecutive moments: the first 30 minutes are filled with short pitches; in the second part of the session participants go to various posters, in order to discuss more in depth the research proposed in the pitches. This second part is regulated by a moderator: after every 10 minutes of discussion, attendants have to shift to another poster.

If you are going to present in a Pitch & Poster Session, you should prepare:

  • An attractive 5 minute pitch. Presenters may use powerpoint and/or audio or video images (creativity is encouraged, so feel free to come up with something else). Anything to make an attractive pitch. The goal of your pitch is to engage as much of the attendants to go to your poster (or any other type of visualization). If you want to, at the end of your pitch you can ask specific questions to the audience.
  • A poster (or any other visualisation) that briefly summarizes your research/project in order to get the discussion about your project going (in the second part of the Session).

Guidelines for Conference Presentations

A Conference Presentation Session is organised in two moments: a first 10 minute set of individual presentations (resources will be available for presenters to use powerpoint and/or audio or video images); and a period for debate (with questions from the audience).

Presenters should copy their presentations to the available computer as soon as they arrive to the conference venue.