This project aims to understand the relation between the discourses of various social actors on climate change, their representation in the media and citizens perception of the issue. 

The main objectives of this project are fourfold:

	Firstly, we aim to systematically analyse and map the discourse of various social actors regarding risk associated with climate change and regarding government, corporate and citizen responsibility to address the issue.

	Secondly, we intend to analyse the structure and the functioning of media discourse on this issue in order to understand what are the dominant traits in the discursive (re)construction of the issue and what social and political consequences that may have.

	Thirdly, we will seek to identify hegemonic and minority social representations on the issue, i.e. to know what are the views and beliefs of citizens on this matter.

	The final goal is to trace the relations between these various moments of discourse and representation; in other words, we will endeavour to explain the circular processes in which discourse gets shaped and to draw implications for action.
The Politics of Climate Change: Discourses and Representations
Project funded by Fundação para a Ciência e para a Tecnologia (2005-2008)