Welcome to the Identity Narratives and Social Memory Project

The research project “Identity Narratives and Social Memory: the (re)making of lusophony in intercultural contexts”, was based at the Communication and Society Research Centre (CSRC, University of Minho, Portugal), was developed in partnership with the Network Center of Anthropology Research (CRIA, Portugal), the Research Unit in Political Science and International Relations (NICPRI, Portugal) and the Center of African Studies (CEA, Eduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique). Researchers from several Portuguese-speaking countries collaborated in this project. Our goal was to continue and deepen some transversal lines of research that were developed prior to this project about identity narratives, social memory and intercultural communication. From a conceptual standpoint, we intended to contribute to the development of an integrative theoretical model about transnational identities, taking the “Lusophone” identity as a case study.

Note: The project was concluded in September 30th 2013. Website updated in January 2015.