Sagres Fortress in the Algarve: Between the Myth, the Cultural Tourism Destination and the European Heritage Label

Maria Alexandra Gonçalves, Rui Parreira, Natércia Magalhães, Luciano Rafael


The reflection about the Fortress of Sagres - the main monument of the Algarve - is associated with many different issues, such as: territory policies, landscape, sustainable development, cultural reconstruction and with the enormous challenge of capitalizing the community as usual heritage user The cultural sustainability of the monument, the sense of the place, the stories, the fortress as a territorial brand, communication and mediation, community volunteering groups are some of the topics to develop in relation to this space of glory, a place of preservation of memories and splendour of the discoveries that we will address and develop in the approach to this heritage. The new reality brought about by the recognition of European Heritage Label makes us return to the idea of a heritage that is renewed and that has a narration which is essential to the history of the region. We will defend the sustainable development of heritage and cultural resources and strategies associated with the work being implemented.


Politics and Management; Visitors; Tourism; European Heritage Label

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