Tourism and History, World Heritage – Case Studies of Ibero-American Space


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Tourism and History: World Heritage – Case Studies of Ibero-American Space PDF [9,6 MB] (English)
Cláudia Henriques, Cristina Moreira, Pedro César 585 pp.
Preface by Ambassador Ana Martinho - President of the National Commission of UNESCO Portugal PDF
Ana Martinho 9-11
Prefácio pela Embaixadora Ana Martinho - Presidente da Comissão Nacional da UNESCO de Portugal PDF
Ana Martinho 12-14


The Alternative Path of Strategic Tourism for Alcobaça: Legacy and Sustainability PDF
Alberto Guerreiro, António Valério Maduro, Eduardo Cordeiro Gonçalves 16-38
The Impact of the World Cultural Heritage Classification by UNESCO on the Cultural Touristic Demand in Oporto PDF
Maria Cristina Moreira, José Manuel Lopes Cordeiro 40-52
Tourism Dynamics and Architectural, Cultural and Symbolic Heritage: The Case of Oporto City Centre PDF
Célia Ferreira, Teresa Marques, Paula Guerra 54-72
The Alto Douro Landscape and Vineries: World Heritage with Literary and Artistic Potential PDF
Isilda Leitão 74-97
Tourists’ Motivation toward Visiting a World Heritage Site: The Case of Guimarães PDF
Paula Remoaldo, Laurentina Vareiro, José Cadima Ribeiro, Vítor Marques 99-121
Historic Gardens and Patrimonialization by UNESCO: The Botanical Garden of Coimbra, Portugal PDF
Susana Gastal, Viviane Rocha Palma 123-142
Sagres Fortress in the Algarve: Between the Myth, the Cultural Tourism Destination and the European Heritage Label PDF
Maria Alexandra Gonçalves, Rui Parreira, Natércia Magalhães, Luciano Rafael 144-165
Bom Jesus do Monte: From Sanctuary to the Dynamics of Religious Tourism PDF
Eduardo Gonçalves, Varico Pereira 167-180
Comparative Study on (Dis)use of Heritage in Ouro Preto-Br and Oporto-Pt PDF
Rodrigo Burkowski, Carlos Rodrigues, Juca Villaschi 182-199
The World Heritage Convention and its Effects on the Tourism Public Policies in Olinda (Pernambuco, Brazil) PDF
Gloria Maria Widmer, Fernanda Abreu dos Santos, Ana Julia Souza Melo, Maria Helena Cavalcanti da Silva Belchior 201-227
Ruins of the Jesuit - Guaranis Missions of São Miguel Arcanjo: An Overview on the UNESCO World Heritage in Brazil PDF
Pedro de Alcântara Bittencourt César, Bruna Tronca 229-246
From Ruins to Heritage of Humanity: Interfaces between Preservationist and Tourism Policies in São Miguel das Missões (RS) PDF
Darlan de Mamman Marchi, Luciana de Castro Neves Costa 248-267
Salvador, Capital City, City Heritage PDF
Maria Estela Lage Santos, Heloísa Helena Fernandes Gonçalves da Costa 269-285
The World Heritage Brand and Tourism: An Approach to the Historic Centre of São Luís, Brazil - Heritage Tourism Marketing PDF
Miriam Mota, Manuela Guerreiro, Patrícia Pinto 287-311
Importance of Heritage and its Accessibility for Tourism in Diamantina MG: Cultural Heritage of Humanity/ UNESCO PDF
Elcione Luciana da Silva 313-334
New Technologies and Heritage Tourism: Making Cultural Itineraries with GIS at São Cristóvão/SE - Brazil PDF
Cristiane Alcântara de Jesus Santos, António Carlos Campos, Larissa Prado Rodrigues 336-354
The Perception of Cultural Heritage in the City of Trinidad de Cuba PDF
Paula Vasconcelos 356-379
Lisbon Fado as Heritage of Humanity: Interconnections with Tourism PDF
Cláudia H.N. Henriques 381-406
The Mediterranean Diet and Traditional Algarvian Gastronomy: Gastronomic Itineraries as a Tool to Raise the Profile of the Algarve’s Traditional Products PDF
Francisco Serra 408-424
"Cante Alentejano” and Tourism in Alentejo PDF
Bernardete Dias Sequeira, Paulo Mariz Lourenço, Manuela Guerreiro, Júlio Mendes 426-452
The Intangible Heritage as Cultural Tourism Product: Attractiveness and (Re) Construction of the Territories - The Case of Cante Alentejano PDF
José Mendonça, Eunice R. Lopes 454-466
World Heritage, Grassroot Management: A Community Participation Experience Inventorying Six “Milongas” in Buenos Aires PDF
Mercedes González Bracco 468-482
Belém in the Pathways of Faith: World Heritage and the Amorcomtur Web! PDF
Maria Luiza Cardinale Baptista, Renato dos Santos Lima 484-500
Traditional Mexican Cuisine and Tourism: New Meanings of Heritage Cuisine and its Sociocultural Implications PDF
Humberto Thomé-Ortiz, Daniel de Jesús-Contreras 502-521
Portugal: UNESCO Creative Cities Network PDF
Ana Mafé García 523-545
Tourism in the Biosphere Reserve of Serra do Espinhaço: Opportunities and Threats to the Cultural and Natural Heritage PDF
Solano de Souza Braga, Bernardo Machado Gontijo, Marina Furtado Gonçalves, Guilherme Augusto Pereira Malta, Maria Flávia Pires Barbosa 547-566
What if Documentary Heritage Attracted Tourists? Thoughts on the Potential for Tourism of Historical Libraries and Archives PDF
Gilberto Coralejo Moiteiro 568-584