Radio evolution: Conference Proceedings

Edited by:
Madalena Oliveira; Pedro Portela; Luís António Santos

Table of Contents

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Foreword PDF
Guy Starkey
Preface PDF
Madalena Oliveira, Pedro Portela, Luís António Santos

Chapter 1: Radio: The challenges of Web 2.0 and Social Networks

Sharing and retweeting sounds – the relation between radio journalism and social networks PDF
Luís Bonixe
Doing radio in the age of Facebook PDF
Tiziano Bonini
Radio 2.0 in Higher Education Communities. An approximation of Aveiro University members perceptions PDF
Teresa Piñero-Otero, Fernando Ramos
How ‘new technologies’ impact Community Radio PDF
Lawrie Hallett
Spanish talk Radio Stations on Twitter: Still reluctant to embrace its potential PDF
Susana Herrera Damas, José Luís Requejo Aléman
Synergies between broadcast music radio and online radio: how to apeal the youth audience.The Spanish and Catalan case PDF
Maria Gutiérrez, Xavi Ribes, Josep Maria Martí, Belén Monclús, Luisa Martínez
Listening to what people who don’t listen to radio listen to PDF
Pierre C. Bélanger
Radio and Technologies. Ideas for research PDF
Rogério Santos

Chapter 2: Towards Industry Imperatives and Multimedia Contexts

Casting doubts on Web Media. Can Internet Radio make a difference in the Greek case? PDF
Christos Barboutis, Alexandros Baltzis
The development of the news-information production model on general-interest radio in Spain: the case of PDF
Maria del Pilar Martínez-Costa, Elsa Moreno, Avelino Amoedo
Digital radio in Brazil: analysis of an unfinished debate PDF
Carlos Eduardo Esch, Nélia R. del Bianco
From Radio to R@dio: broadcasting in the 21st century PDF
Paula Cordeiro
Live and local no more? Listening communities and globalizing trends in the ownership and production of local radio PDF
Guy Starkey
Local broadcasters in the convergent media house – the case of Norway PDF
Ilona Biernacka-Ligieza
The Ways of Participation. The volunteers in the community radio stations of Grenoble (France) PDF
Maria Holubowicz
Influences of Political Economy on International Radio broadcasting: the case of radio E. PDF
Ariane Demonget
Euranet: a Case of Study of Pan-European Radio PDF
Manuel Fernández Sande, J. Ignacio Gallego Pérez
Radio journalists and the Internet: A study on perceptions PDF
Hélder Bastos, Helena Lima, Nuno Moutinho, Isabel Reis

Chapter 3: New Radio Genres and the Creative Power of the sound

Changes in Patterns of contemporary China’s radio programs – helping each other in Beijing: a case study PDF
Cao Lu, Meng Wei
The French highway radio: a model for tomorrow’s digital informations and service radio? PDF
Charles Dargent
Band FM of Journalism of São Paulo – Emergence and consolidation of a new segment and a new audience PDF
Elisa Marconi
Radiographing an ‘Expatriate’ Space PDF
Inês David
Radio today: the risks of the past and an uncertain future PDF
Alejandro López Merayo, Mª de la Peña Mónica Perez Alaejo
Romeo in love: a community format in a community radio PDF
Tiziana Cavallo
Creativity: the key to creating successful advertising messages in the digital sonosphere PDF
Mª Luz Barbeito Veloso, Anna Fajula Payet, Ana Mª Enrique Jiménez
Advertising characteristics and strategies in the prime time sports broadcasts: the final of the Spanish King’s Cup and two radio shows in play PDF
Emma Rodero, Marina Vázquez, Olatz Larrea, Toni Sellas, Eva Comas
Description and analysis of advertising used in Argentinean radio prime time PDF
Maria José Muller, Maria del Pilar Martínez-Costa

Chapter 4: Non-Linear Discourse and New Language Practices

Radio – the forgotten medium or user’s creative mental interaction and co-production PDF
Titti Forsslund
One Half of the Story: Radio Drama, Online Audio and Transmedia Storytelling PDF
Lance Dann
Formal you or informal ‘you’? ‘Você’ or ‘Tu’? How the radio listener has been treated in the paste decade in Portugal PDF
Teresa Costa Alves
Democratic barricades: the presence of radio in the resistance to the 1964 military coup PDF
Carla Reis Longhi

Chapter 5: New Methods of radio Audience Research

Measuring Community Radio Audiences PDF
Lawrie Hallett
‘I know exactly who they are’: getting inside radio presenters’ conceptions of audience PDF
Helen Wolfenden

Chapter 6: Radio Glocalization and New Patterns of Social Participation

The Radio afterlife. Three spheres of communication and community PDF
Grazyna Stachyra
Radio and the Web: BBC radio as a new model of radio communication PDF
Nair Moreira da Silva
University radio stations in Brazil and Portugal – The integration between interactive proposals of Rádio Universitária do Minho and Rádio Universitária de São Paulo PDF
Luciano Victor Barros Maluly
Brazilian Auditorium Programs and Questions concerning listening today PDF
Júlia Lúcia de Oliveira Albano da Silva
Breaking Radio Boundaries: a new environment for Government Advertising aimed at young people PDF
Susana Gimenez Cisneros, Esteve Crespo Haro, Blanca Perona Páez
Music as mass consume in the web radio: towards a change in model PDF
Aurora García González, Álvaro Camacho García
Operation and social participation in a radio local model PDF
Sergi Solà Saña, Josep Lluís Micó Sanz, Miquel Peralta Mas

Chapter 7: Identity and community building

Internet radio as a mean to construct community PDF
Agnete Suhr
Free, Pirate, Community – the representation of identities on FM radios in São Paulo/Brazil PDF
Eduardo Vicente
Radio, Citizenship and Social Identity PDF
Valquíria Guimarães da Silva
The German-speaking radio in Silesia (Poland) PDF
Verena Molitor
Basque and Gael speaking radio journalists: background and work patterns PDF
Irati Agirreazkuenaga Onaindia
The Brazilian culture through the radio waves PDF
Antonio Adami
The presence and the future of community radio in Poland PDF
Urszula Doliwa









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Radio Evolution: Conference Proceedings
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