CICS.NOVA UMinho; GHES/CSG, ISEG-ULisboa; Lab2PT UMinho and the PhD Program in History (UMinho) are joining together to provide an International Seminar-Workshop in Economic History, to be held at the University of Minho, 29th November 2018. This event intends to encircle undergraduate and graduate students to different sources, methods and approaches in Economic History. To reach this goal, the Seminar-Workshop will allow and encourage the audience’s active participation, which will enable dynamic and critical thinking about the topics, contents and research practices regarding Economics, History and the combination of both.

This International Seminar-workshop results from two findings: the limited presence of economic approaches in History courses and the lack of historical background in Economics. In consequence, misconceptions and myths might emerge. This event aims to prevent those situations streamlining, the relationship between both the topics and the students.

The focus on sources and methodologies, which will be addressed by different national and international specialists, will be depicted in two distinct moments. The morning sessions – Seminar – will host the participation of economic and business historians who, from the starting point of their current researches and teaching syllabus, will demonstrate what is being done, how they do, and with what Economic History is done. The afternoon sessions – Workshop – will be firmly underpinned by the practical approach, engaging the sources, using the tools and developing critical thinking from the data obtained. Three specialists will work close to the students on archival sources from the 16th to 21st centuries.