Thursday, April 26 2018

 Auditório Multimédia do Instituto de Educação, University of Minho, Braga


8h30 | Welcome Reception

9h30 | Conference Opening
Intercultural communication and mediation in contemporary societies
Manuela Martins (Vice-Rector for Culture and Society, University of Minho, Portugal)
Pedro Calado (High Commissioner for Migration, Portugal)
Birgit Van Hout (Representative in Europe of the High Commissioner Office for Human Rights, Belgium)
Ricardo Rio (President of the Municipality of Braga, Portugal)
André Moisan (Coordinator of CreE.A, France)
Ana Maria Silva (Coordinator of the Organizing Committee, Portugal)

10h30 | Conference 1
Social mediation: an European political question?
Hibat Tabib (President of CreE.A Project, France)
Chair: André Moisan (CNAM, France)

11h15 | Coffee Break

11h30 | Parallel sessions **

12h45 | Lunch

14h30 | Conference 2
Culture and mediation: from divergent differences to the convergence of diversity
Gian Piero Turchi (University of Pádua, Italy)
Chair: Ana Maria Silva (University of Minho, Portugal)

15h30 | Parallel sessions**

17h00 | Coffee Break

17h15 | Roundtable 1

European Network of Intercultural Municipalities
Roberto Reis (Municipality of Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal)
Maria Eugénia Coelho (Municipality of Loures, Portugal)
Daniel Pereira & Fernando Ferreira (Municipality of Braga, Portugal)
Paul Chapman (London, United Kingdom)
Coordinator: André Carmo (University of Lisbon, Portugal)


19h00 | Cultural Program


Friday, April 27 2018

 Auditório Multimédia do Instituto de Educação, University of Minho, Braga


9h30 | Roundtable 2

Professional mediation practices in Europe
Nicolas Niscemi (AFPAD, France)
Giovanni Ghibaudi (Municipality of Turin, Italy)
Ousseynou Dieng (Sevilla ACOGE, Espanha)
Cláudia Santa Cruz & Mónica Diniz (Municipal Police of Lisbon, Portugal)
Coordinator: Helena Neves de Almeida (University of Coimbra, Portugal)

11h00 | Coffee Break

11h15 | Parallel sessions**

12h45 | Lunch

14h30 | Roundtable 3
Projects of Intercultural Dialogue and Mediation
Irene Grindell & David Santiago (MAW, United Kingdom)
Lamine Thiam (PROMEVIL, France)
Cristina Rodrigues (ACM, Portugal)
Coordinator: Evelyne Baillergeau (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

16h00 | Coffee Break

16h15 | Conference 3
The crisis of the Refugees in Europe. Between totality and infinity
Moisés de Lemos Martins
University of Minho (Portugal)
Chair: Rosa Cabecinhas (University of Minho, Portugal)

17h15 | Closing Session
Social Challenges and Public Policies: Mediation as a Universal Right
Laura Magalhães (Deputy and member of the Parliamentary Commission for Education and Science, Portugal)
José Augusto Pacheco (President of the Institute of Education, University of Minho)
Hibat Tabib (President of CreE.A Project, France)
Moisés Martins (Director of CECS, University of Minho)
Ana Maria Silva (Coordinator of the Organizing Committee, Portugal)



** Please see the location of sessions in the parallel sessions program


The event will have simultaneous translation: English-Portuguese-English and French-Portuguese-French

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