Opening International Seminar Memory, Diversity and Identities

The official opening of the International Seminar on Memory, Diversity and Identities: Challenges for Intercultural Relations in the 21st Century was held on the morning of Tuesday, November 5 at 9 am.

The full professor Joaquim Paulo Serra,  the scientific coordinator of Labcom.IFP, and the Chairman of the Portuguese Association of Communication Sciences and the assistant professor and Coordinator of the Organization of the 5th International Congress on Cultures, Urbano Sidoncha, both at Universidade da Beira Interior, welcomed the researchers and students present, along with Professor Moisés de Lemos Martins, Director of the Center for Communication and Society Studies at the University of Minho and project coordinator Memories, cultures and identities: how the past weights on the present-day intercultural relations in Mozambique and Portugal? ”.

The activities follow with the conference Globalization, historical memory, cross-cultural identities given by Professor Moisés de Lemos Martins.

The full program can be checked on the website.