Session 6: Crossings: Literature, Collection and Museums – The Silence of the Earth

The sixth session of the Series of Talks and Round Tables “Interpellations based on The Silence of the Earth. (Post)colonial visualities intersected by Diamang’s archive” will take place on June 25, at 3h00 p.m. The session “Crossings: Literature, Collection and Museums“ will include the participation of Alda Costa (Universidade Eduardo Mondlane/CECS), Lurdes Macedo (Universidade Lusófona/CECS), Mateus Pereira (ICS-Universidade de Lisboa), Branca das Neves (escritora angolana), José Luís Mendonça (escritor e jornalista) e Roberto Vecchi (Universidade de Bolonha). The session will be moderated by Luís Cunha (ICS-UM/CRIA) & João Sarmento (ICS-UM/CECS).

The session will be held in a hybrid format: face-to-face in the Sala de Atos, in ICS, and online on Zoom and on Facebook.

The Series of Talks and Round Tables comprises 7 sessions, between May 14th and June 25th, each subordinate to a particular theme, namely: archives, speeches and languages; work: domination and resistance; race and gender; emancipatory movements; culture and interactions; cinematographic languages: aesthetics and politics (2 sessions).

The cycle is organized by the Landscapes, Heritage and Territory Laboratory (Lab2PT), by the Center for Communication and Society Studies (CECS), by the Interdisciplinary Center for Social Sciences (CICS. NOVA.UMinho), by the Center for Research Network in Anthropology (CRIA-UMinho) and by the Cultures Past & Present Project.