Tertulia with a session of the film “Enviado especial”

On July 19, the film “Enviado Especial” will be held in the presence of the directoress Nalini Elvino de Sousa, researchers, and directors at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa. The meeting organized by the Cultures Past & Present project includes researchers Ana Cristina Pereira (CECS / UM) and Maria Paula Meneses (CES / UC), Mozambican filmmakers Isabel Noronha and Camilo de Sousa and moderation of Maria do Carmo Piçarra (ICNOVA-INL / UAL).

The documentary is about the life story of Aquino de Bragança, an intellectual and journalist who fought against colonialism and for the peace and independence of African countries along with leaders of the liberation movements. The friendship with Samora Machel is also dealt with in the film, sealed by the plane crash in which the two lost their lives in 1986.

The session will take place in Auditorium 1, Tower B of FCSH-UNL (Av. De Berna, 26-C), in Lisbon, at 17:30. Free entry.